Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Fever - Part 2

When we originally decided to start our family I had no idea what to expect. I guess part of me thought that as soon as we started trying that it would just happen right away. I even wrote this post to commemorate the occasion. The other part of me had this nagging feeling, fear that it wasn't going to happen easily. I think that's pretty natural really. Some of my friends have said that they have had similar fears. we are, one year, a whole lot of trying, temperature charting, and a few bottles of prenatal vitamins later. We are officially not part of the 80% of couples who are able to get pregnant within the first year.

I had my first appointment with by doctor to discuss our next step. I came out of the appointment with a follow up on the calendar and a stack of referrals for blood work, an ultra sound, and some other tests.

I didn't look through the pile of papers until I got home. I looked down and right smack in the middle of my referral for my ultra sound she had written infertility in huge black doctor scroll right across the page. Reading that word on something that belonged to me made me want to pass out.

Four long weeks later Nick and I met with my doctor together to go over our test results and formulate a game plan. The results? I'm not ovulating. At all. My progesterone levels are low and nothing is happening in there. Everything else looks fine as far as she can tell and this should be an easy fix.

We are ready to start our first round of Clomid and praying for a positive test sometime soon.

Will you help us pray?


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