Friday, January 16, 2015

Life Lately | Grayson is Here!

Well... life has changed pretty considerably around these parts in the last week. Our son is here! We have been spending most of our time soaking in that delicious newborn smell and warm snuggles on the couch with the most beautiful baby boy.

The last weeks of my pregnancy were pretty uneventful {and so uncomfortable}. We spent New Year's Eve with Nick's parents, had crab and {non alcoholic} champs, and watched the ball drop on TV. I was beginning to feel pretty miserable and was so happy to spend  the night in my PJs rather than trying to squeeze into real clothes anymore.

I went into labor on Monday the 5th after having my membranes swept at my 39 week appointment. Birth story to come soon! By Friday the 9th we were back home with our boy and we've been settling into this new life with a baby. We had a pretty steady stream of visitors in the first few days. Our fridge and freezer are full of amazing food and almost every surface of the house has some kind of flower arrangement on it. We really have been blessed with some of the world's best friends and family. This kid really does have a lot of people who love him already.

Grayson got to meet his Great Grandma, something about that just feels so special to me. My grandparents all died when I was pretty young and I never got to meet my mom's mom. GG was beside herself meeting him and gave him so many kisses and $10 to start his piggy bank with.

I'm learning how to walk again... just kidding.. kind of.. And we are up to our eyeballs in very full diapers. We met the Pediatrician for the first time, we're getting the hang of breastfeeding, and of getting diapers changed before G has the chance to pee on his own face. It's true what they say about boys...

We did his first bath and G didn't miss the opportunity to let us know just exactly how he felt about that nonsense. Until his belly button falls off he won't be able to take a real bath in his fancy baby tub but we hope that he might learn to like bath time.

Please excuse my entirely pale and tired looking face. Look at G. He's way cuter!

We celebrated my 28th birthday with breakfast in bed made by my amazing husband and sushi take out with the family from one of our favorite spots for dinner. Oh, how I've missed the spicy tuna roll.  I refused to make a wish on my birthday candles because, I've got everything I could ever want in the world and one more wish just seemed selfish.

There are a pair of very sparkly pretties hidden in that box to your left :)

We took our first day trip to Napa to pick up some props to use for his newborn photos on the day that G turned one week old. My hiney probably wasn't quite ready to sit in the car for a two hour round trip but it was nice to wear real clothes and get out of the house for a little bit. We went to one of our favorite burger places for his first lunch out. He slept the entire time. We are so thankful that Grayson likes the car seat!

I've had my fair share of tears since we've been home. Every day is amazing and heartbreaking all at the same time. We've been keeping the big camera out so that we can grab it and take pictures all the time. I swear he changes by the minute and I want to capture everything. I secretly dread the end of each day because it means that in the morning he will be another day older. I just want him to stay tiny like this forever. I'm trying my hardest to remind myself to celebrate every milestone. Every pound gained and inch grown means that he is healthy and that I can successfully feed and sustain him with my own body.

He makes the silliest faces when he's awake and alert and we're starting to learn his little personality. He likes the pacifier but isn't fooled by it's inability to provide milk. He hates having his diaper changed, mostly because that means he has to get naked, and that means he has to be cold for a couple of minutes. He likes to fall asleep when he's nursing but wakes right up as soon as I try to reattach my shirt. He likes being swaddled but only if his hands are left free so that he can rub his face and suck his thumb. He makes the most delicious little squeaks and grumbles when he's sleeping. He has this pterodactyl screech that he reserves for when he wants to tell you something and gets annoyed when I cover his face with kisses. He likes riding in the car seat and will go from full blown meltdown mode to silent and sleeping the minute the straps are tightened and a blanked it stuffed around him. He makes these Frankenstein hands when he startles while he's sleeping and makes us laugh all the time.

My heart has truly never felt more full. I look at him and I can't believe that he's mine. We made him and we get to keep him forever. It's true that the love that you have for your child is something that you could never begin to understand until you get to feel it for yourself. I never knew how much I could love someone until this boy was born. Watching his dad love him is also one of the best things I've ever experienced.

I am absolutely not the same person that I was a week ago. Having a baby changes you, no doubt about that.


  1. He is adorable!! You look great Momma :) I hope everything is going ok.. If you ever need anything let me know I know I am far away but support is always wonderful I know how overwhelming it can be, but it looks like you guys are doing great.

    1. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! Thank you so much :)

  2. He. Is. Precious. Congratulations, Mama! Can't wait for the birth story. Oh my goodness it's SO true that a babe changes you! Your birthday looked like perfection :)



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