Saturday, May 6, 2017

A New Home and A New Baby!

Things are changing around here! We have been just a little bit busy.

On a random Wednesday in February I got a notification from Redfin on my phone and texted our Realtor before I even texted Nick. I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the listing and could have cried with excitement. We made arrangements to see the house the very next day and we all fell in love before we even walked in the door. Our Realtor actually told us she wanted the house if we didn't. Ha!

The weekend of the open house was rainy and gloomy and football playoffs so we crossed our fingers that our competition would all stay at home. We got our offer prepared and wrote a little letter to the owners hoping they would think we were just so cute they couldn't possibly deny us. It worked! They accepted our offer and after a few short days of negotiations we had a contract on the house signed sat back to wait to close escrow.

Then, just a few weeks into escrow I had a funny feeling on a Friday morning while I was making breakfast for Gray. I took a pregnancy test and yet again couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the result. My doctor had originally told us that it was very unlikely that we would ever be able to get pregnant on our own without Clomid, and wrote me a 5 year prescription (which I never filled after the first dose that got us Gray).  I just didn't believe that my body would never be able to do what it's supposed to do and we had decided to go ahead on a prayer and see what happened. Anyway, here we are!

So, I find myself at 6:15am with a positive pregnancy test and a WHOLE entire day ahead of me that I'm going to have to keep this secret. I asked Gray if he wanted to be a big brother and he said "mmmm.. no sanks." Welp... this should be fun. Once I got to work I got online and ordered a Big Brother shirt from Target and picked it up on my way home and then picked up Gray from school and went to get dinner started before Nick could get home. I put the shirt on him and decided to just let Nick figure it out on his own. When he walked in the door, Gray yelled "Daddy! BABY!!" which didn't get a response. And then 5 minutes went by and nothing.... and finally I had to tell Grayson to show Daddy his shirt and Nick just started laughing and asked me if it was real. Real as can be, babe. Here we go!


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