Saturday, August 31, 2013

Maui or Bust

This is happening right now. Follow me on Instagram at camilleteeah for a million photos of our family vacation to Maui. Excuse me while I go eat my body weight in coconut bagels, passion fruit cream cheese and macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi. I will be back next week with way too many photos and a few more pounds...

Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday! I'm linking up today for my favorite post of the week!

5. We have been busy lately, running around like crazy chickens. We are getting ready to refinance the house and we are only days away from our appraisal, which means I have been and will continue to be cleaning like a maniac for the next few days. We have a few projects to take care of this weekend and I'm really just looking forward to being done with it all. This whole process has turned my husband into one holy stresscase and I'm ready for him to be able to relax. The refinance also means that by the end of September, I will officially be a homeowner! Nick bought the house when we first started dating, and while the house is ours, really up until now it's been his.

4. I made an appointment with my OB/GYN this last week to talk about baby making. It really was more of a counseling session than anything else. Turns out I completely  misunderstood her the first time we spoke. She said to expect it would take 6 months to get knocked up. I turned that into, by 6 months I would for sure be a big pregnant lady. She clarified that it was unlikely that we would be pregnant before 6 months and that most couples {93%} are pregnant by month 9. Here's to hoping we are the 93%. I was not feeling in a great place when I wrote this post and I feel so much better now after talking to her again. I'm ready to just relax and enjoy this time. Baby M will come eventually.

3. A couple weekends ago I made a trip to Sacramento to meet with my sweet friend Jeanette to go wedding dress shopping. She is going to be the most beautiful bride and I cannot wait for her wedding. Have I mentioned that they are getting married at the zoo? The photo ops are going to be amazing.  We may or may not have downed two bottles of champagne while we were watching her try them on. As Maid {Matron?} of Honor I have started planning her SF bach bash and I am so excited. She looked gorg in every single dress she tried on, but didn't find the one.

2. We are almost one month away from our first anniversary! This seems to be a running theme around here, but holy jeez this year has gone by so quickly. We will be spending the weekend of our anniversary in Napa and I'm so excited. We don't really have any set plans yet but I'm just looking forward to some good food and a relaxing weekend with my sweet husband. Also, trying to decide on a good gift for the mister. The 1st anniversary gift is paper... so I'd like to stick with that. What to do... what to do...

1. We are officially two short weeks away from the {usually} bi-annual family Maui vacation. Our wedding threw the schedule off last summer but come August 30th, we will be on a flight to one of my favorite places ever. I'm hoping to check off at least one of my 30 by 30 items and finally tan my way too white for this time of year self. I need to load up my Kindle with all kinds of good books to read for the week. Work is kicking my hiney lately and I am soo looking forward to forgetting everything for the week. I've been counting down on Instagram with the photos below for way too many months.

Seriously TGIF is all I have to say. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - The Honeymoon

Next week we will be exactly one month away from celebrating our first anniversary! I'm pretty excited for our plans {a weekend in Napa, just the two of us} and I'm counting down the days.

In the mean time, I'm going to continue with recapping the different aspects of our wedding with Wedding Wednesday posts. I did a super quick overview of our wedding & honeymoon at the end of this post. Rookie mistake. Our honeymoon absolutely deserves it's own post. And it might be a long one.

When choosing where we were going to go we talked about the Canary Islands and Fiji, Tahiti and the Bahamas. The Bahamas ended up being completely out of the question since our September/October trip would fall smack in the middle of hurricane season. {No thank you!} So we actually didn't have a whole ton of options to choose from.
We then narrowed it down to Tahiti & Fiji, and then Tahiti since the flight was way shorter {although way more expensive}. There are a ton of islands that make up Tahiti and we chose Bora Bora. It's noted as one of the most romantic places on the entire planet and pretty much the only hotel rooms on the entire island are over the water bungalows. So, that made that decision easy.

We left the Tuesday morning after our wedding which was really nice. We had all day Sunday to spend with family by the pool, and Monday at home to re-organize, pack, and eat left over wedding cake in bed. The trip there was super easy. Just an hour flight from Oakland to LAX and layover and a few cocktails later we were on our way! We took a red eye out of LAX and flew all night, about 8 hours and landed in Papeete, Tahiti at sunrise. We had another quick layover that allowed us to get through customs and to change our clothes in the bathroom. It was super muggy and humid there and the entire airport is open air so there was no AC to be found. I was a hot mess and look a haggard makeup-less mess on all of the arrival photos. We had another quick flight on a propeller plane from Papeete to Bora Bora.

The airport in Bora Bora is on it's very own little airport island which was so cute. Our hotel sent us a boat to take us to the hotel. It was such a wonderful way to see the island for the first time. It was so surreal to see the water, the water! It's so blue. Like the bluest blue you can think of, and every shade of it. It was breathtaking really. We pulled up to the dock at our hotel and were greeted by a whole coconut and the cutest guy playing the ukulele. It was only 8AM by now and our room was no where near ready. We ate breakfast, which quickly became one of my favorite parts of the whole trip, and laid out on a private beach, just the two of us until our room was ready a few hours later.

Nick took the room researching very seriously and read every single review he could get his hands on. He made sure that we got the most private bungalow with the best view. The room was amazing. They had it set up for us with a bottle of champagne {and a couple martini glasses?} and a letter from the hotel manager congratulating us on our marriage. We settled in, showered away the airplane goo, drank the entire bottle of champagne and headed to dinner at the hotel restaurant.
This was when the fear set in. We hadn't researched the currency exchange at all, and had no idea what anything cost. Let me just say, ordering a glass of wine at dinner that said 1600 totally freaked me out. We paid for Wi-Fi the next morning and happily discovered that all you had to do was move the decimal and add about 50 US cents. Phew!


We fell into a pretty wonderful routine of sleeping in, swimming off of our own private deck, eating the most amazing breakfast every morning, drinking lots of great French wine and laying in the sun all day. We had the most amazing massages, ate a lot of amazing food, became obsessed with French Press coffee, got some pretty awesome tans, smoked some cigars, and swam with sharks and sting rays. Our tour guide may or may not have given me his phone number and asked me to call him. Um.... I'm on my honeymoon Sir... so.....

On our way to the spa

The food on the island is notoriously not great. Hotel food mostly with a few hits and misses depending on how adventurous we were feeling. We love food and really wanted to have some good foodie experiences to remember. We went one night to Villa Mahana which is a celeb favorite and a pretty famous restaurant among foodie travelers. There are only 10 tables in the entire restaurant and reservations generally aren't available unless you're looking about 8 months to a year out. Which we did luckily. The food was amazing. Devine. 

Lunch at Bloody Mary's. By far the worst bloody mary I've ever had.

The day before our trip came to and end, we packed up our love nest, caught a boat back to the airport and took a quick flight back to Tahiti for one night. We spent our last hours as honeymooners at a new hotel laying on the sand beach next the most beautiful infinity pool I've ever seen.
Our flight home left at 7:00AM and we had to leave the hotel pretty much in the middle of the night. We got home Thursday and had the rest of the weekend to readjust to the time change and enjoy being married until Monday came around and real life slapped us in the face.

I can't believe it's already almost been a year. It feels like we were just there, and I really hope some day we can go back. Looking back at all of these photos is making me so incredibly jealous of whoever is undoubtedly staying in our room.


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