Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Packing it Up - North to Napa

This is no doubt the biggest leap of faith Nick and I will make in our lives. We've decided to sell our sweet little home in the Bay Area and move North to Napa! 

It's been a long year of late night conversations with many tears shed over shared bottles of wine, lots of prayers, weighing options, second guesses, and final plans. This all started out as a crazy day dream. Slowly we started to realize that we could make it a reality and suddenly things started to fall together and it just felt right. 

We're going to leave this place that we turned from a shell, an icky rental, into the cozy place that we love so much. The place were we celebrated each of our first milestones as a couple and the place where we became a family. We came home from our wedding and honeymoon to this house. We brought our first baby home to this house. He took his first steps in this house. And now it's time for someone else to love it just as much as we have.

Nick started his new job over a month ago and has been commuting everyday to Napa and he's exhausted. I'm picking up the slack and taking the morning and night shift most days. Nick is missing spending time with G and all of this has made us more anxious and ready to go. Gray starts his new school next week and the house goes on the market tomorrow. 

It's a little surreal to look around and think about someone else living in our house. We are so excited to start this new chapter in a new home town, a place that we love so much. 

So, with that, we're holding hands real tight.  Things are about to get crazy. Wish us luck! 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day - Lake Camping

It turns out I didn't manage to miss documenting every single of Grayson's firsts on this blog. We went on his first camping trip this weekend! 

We took Friday off and packed every single nook and cranny of the truck with all the camping things and took off to meet our favorite friends at Collins Lake. Gray napped most of the way and woke up just in time for lunch in the car before we rolled into the campground. We got there early enough escape the group of 70 or so that were camped a few feet away from our original site. Thank you little baby Jesus there were two extra sites and they were able to move us. 

We decided that Collins is not going to be our go-to camp for the annual M/H family trip. Too crowded and way too dirty. So. Much. Dirt. I prefer something with a little bit of ground cover. Grass... pine needles... leaves, you name it. Anything is better than all that dirt. Unless you ask Gray. He was a pretty big fan actually and was absolutely covered in dirt all weekend long. We went through two full packs of baby wipes in two days just trying to keep him sort of clean. 

We did not plan matching swim suits! We are just funny like that. Next summer we will have little baby Griffin with us. We can't wait for Gray's future bestie to join us! 

Gray loved playing with his Fishie! pole with Daddy. 

And he loved playing in the water and swimming. He was laughing so hard watching Ludo run and play on the beach with Uncle Darren.  

Grayson is basically a professional camper now. He's got the whole relaxed, dirty thing down pat. And excuse me ... but where did my baby go? He looks like such a big boy here. 

Two nights of camping was perfect for this first trip. We headed home Sunday morning and spend the rest of the day unpacking and getting clean. I let Gray soak in a big bubble bath to get all the dirt out from underneath his fingernails and we ordered sushi takeout and went to be at 8:30. 

We are so thankful for good friends, and an awesome four day weekend and we're already looking forward to continuing our new tradition with Darren and Jeanette and soon to be baby Griffin!

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