Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

My mom came down on Saturday to spend the weekend with us. I picked her up from the train station on Saturday morning and grabbed some breakfast from Whole Foods and sat out on the patio and did some catching up. I had booked us a couples massage in the afternoon  and I know that sounds funny but it was so much nicer to be in the room together!

We spent the rest of the day shopping around for my sister's little bambino, eating lunch, and relaxing. Saturday night we cooked dinner and waited for Nick to come home from Napa. {He went up Friday night to take his mom on a date on Saturday.}

We hosted Mother's Day brunch at our house. It was so much fun to have both of my favorite mama's together. Nick's parents and sister came over to have brunch and spend the day relaxing outside.

I put together some of our favorite breakfast dishes; crescent roll sausage & egg casserole, candied bacon {omg yum!}, granola and yogurt fruit parfaits and of course many mimosas. I major failed at taking photos all weekend.

We said goodbye to my mom last night at the train station and she headed back home. We had such a fun weekend and loved having my mom here to visit.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Summer Plans

Life is about to get pretty exciting around here. We are officially booked for the summer. This is something that drives Nick completely insane, even though every single weekend we are doing something fun.

May is going to be an especially fun month.

First on the agenda - Mother's Day! My mama is coming down on Friday and we are going to spend the weekend spa'ing, shopping, and eating. I feel like it has been so long since I've seen her and I can't wait to soak her up. We're hosting brunch at our house on Sunday for the whole family. I've got to get menu planning!

Next? Disneyland! One big 'ol check off my 30 x 30 list and I couldn't be more excited. This trip was a surprise from Nick's parents and I almost peed myself when they told us. I haven't been to Disney since I was 7 years old and I barely remember anything. I can't wait.

In the last weeks of May my dad and step-mom will be coming down to visit and that same weekend we have my cousin's wedding. The weekend after that I will be fulfilling my Maid of Honor duties at my friend Jeanette's wedding in Sacramento.

We have five weddings on the books for this summer.  The two in a row in May, one in July, one in September and one in October. I am so excited to watch so many of the people we love get married and all of them are happening in such cool places!

Other fun stuff in the works are our usual weekends in Napa, Nick's birthday, a bachelorette party in NOLA, a trip to Portland, and... the most exciting of all? Meeting my brand new niece or nephew in July! That's right, my big sister is havin' a little babe. I am over the moon and can't even believe that in only a few short months he or she will be here! I FaceTimed with my sister this morning and got to see her belly. It's hard living so far away from each other. I haven't seen her in person since January and she has changed so much! I won't be seeing her again until after the baby comes and I'm a little bummed that I won't ever get to rub her belly this time around. Regardless, this is just the most exciting, wonderful time.

We spent the weekend cleaning house and Nick worked in the yard getting everything ready for my parents to visit. The house seriously needed some TLC after April, which was a crazy, and not so nice month. It feels so good to start the month with pretty, clean, house so many fun things to do.

Happy May!

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