Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day

We started Father's day with a half day of work and got on the road early for a family weekend in Napa. 

Friday night was so nice and relaxing. We went to a wine club event for one of Nick's parents wineries, William Hill Estate. Our tickets included a glass of wine an an appetizer and then we brought our own steaks to grill. It was such a beautiful night and such a fun and easy place to play with Grayson. He had such a blast playing on the lawn and with some other little kids. We kept him out way too late and he ate way too many crackers and not enough dinner, and it was a perfect night. 

Saturday morning was another event at one of the wineries that we are members at. We've been going to this club BBQ for 6 years now and it's something that we look forward to all year. It's funny thinking back that we were just dating when we first started going to this event, and then as an engaged couple, as a kidless married couple, pregnant, with a new baby, and now with a little busy boy! The best part about is that nothing ever changes. The food is the same every year and we love every little bit of it. 

When we got home Saturday it was blazing hot so we got in the pool and Gray had so much fun. He loves the water so much and gets so excited when he sees the pool, even when the cover is on. He laughs and says poo! poo! Haha! 

Sunday we woke up and did all the Father's Day things... breakfast, mimosas, presents and snuggles. Grayson's school helped G make some really cute presents for daddy. He colored a coaster tile for his desk at work and did a footprint card. I helped G make the Dad canvas painting and printed a photo of my two favorite boys on the beach. 

We spent the rest of the day at the pool and then headed home to watch the Warriors loose. Womp... womp! 

We are single digit days away from our trip to Maui and there are 785 things I need to do before we jump on that flight. Off I go to make some lists! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekending at Home

This weekend was my favorite kind of weekend. Relaxing, and filled with fun and loves.

We got sushi takeout Friday night after G went to bed and fell I asleep 10 minutes into a movie. Ha! #momsgonewild. Saturday morning Nick woke up with G and let me sleep in. Someone please tell my former self that someday I would be so stoked to sleep in until 7:30am. We took a walk with the dogs and then spent the rest of the day at the pool.

Gray loved splashing and swimming and he is doing so good! He was practicing blowing bubbles and kicking his feet and jumping off of the stairs and side of the pool. I think we have a little fishy on our hands! We are so loving this fun age.

Sunday morning we woke up early and went to play. We figured out it's best to hit up the park first thing in the morning before anyone else gets there. Its so nice for G to be able to climb and slide without having to worry about him getting knocked over or getting in the way of older kids. Perks of an every day 6:00 wake up call... accomplishing allllll the things before 9:30am!  

Love this little face so much. 

G kept it real and puked in the car on the way home and then took a three hour nap. So... peaks and valleys I guess? 

Grams and Gramps came over for dinner which of course puts a huge smile on this little boys face. 

Mondays after a weekend like this are hard, especially Mondays when I have a late meeting night. I just miss my loves at home so much!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

14 Months of Updates

Oh heyyy! It's been a loooong hot second since I've checked in around here. We didn't fall off the face of the earth.. we've just had our hands full with a now 17 {what?!} month old with major ants in his pants and a very full vocabulary.

So what have we been up to the last year? Well... I started back to work at a brand new company, and Gray started daycare. We've been teething, traveling, sleeping through the night in a crib, crawling, walking, running, screaming, laughing little baby giggles, and doing all of the little baby and toddler things. We celebrated our first Mother's Day, Father's Day, daddy's 30th birthday, 4th of July, Gray's baptism, our 3rd wedding anniversary, 1st Halloween, 1st Thanksgiving, 1st Christmas, and finally, 1st Birthday, 1st haircut, and we did each and everyone of those things without so much as a tiny peep around here. Turns out that life actually does happen whether you document it for the world {or let's face it,  my three friends that read here} to see.

We left off when G was just 3 tiny months old and looked like this...

Now days, at 17 months he's looking a little more like this...

I blinked and over a year has gone by.. I have so much making up for.


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