Wednesday, October 9, 2013

30 by 30: Update

1. Complete my professional certification. Done & Done

2. Be Matron of Honor in a wedding. My sister got married this last June and I was the only wedding party attendant & Maid of Honor. I'm not going to check it off yet though. My sweet friend Jeanette is getting married next May and asked me to be MOH. Two is better than one!
3. Work from home full time
4. Go parasailing

5. Take a hubs & me only trip to Las Vegas

6. Go skydiving

7. Become a mama {number one, most important ever lifetime goal. No pressure...}
8. Go stand up paddle boarding

9. Find our family church

10. See the Grand Canyon at sunset

11. Go on a hot air balloon in Napa - Check! My sweet husband planned a surprise hot air balloon ride in Napa for our anniversary weekend. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever done.


12. Become an aunt
13. Do yoga on the beach - Check! The resort that we stayed at in Maui offered yoga classes once a week. The morning we went it was raining, so yoga on the beach turned into yoga in the pool cabana instead. I didn't have my camera because, well I was doing yoga.


14. Go to Disneyland
15. Buy our forever home 

16. Go white water rafting

17. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with my kids.
18. Become a confirmed Catholic & get baptized

19. Start a new job
20. Ride horses on the beach
21. Pay off my student loans
22. Get my real estate license
23. Spend 4th of July with my kids & family in my hometown
24. Go camping at the beach
25. Visit our friends in Denver in the winter
26. Have Thanksgiving with the entire family. {This means mom, dad, sister & BIL, and Nick's family. My parents divorced when I was in 5th grade. My 10 year old self is absolutely beside herself with the idea of this actually happening}
27. Visit our friends in Dallas & eat Texas BBQ
28. {Still need some ideas...}
29. {Need something else to put here... }
30. Go somewhere really cool for my 30th birthday
I added a few more items and I only have two more to go. In January I'll be 27 and I'm pretty quickly running out of time to make some of these things happen. The next few years look like they're going to be pretty fun!

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  1. I have done #18 as an of the best decisions I've made :)



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