Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Favorites

I'm linking up once again with some of my favorites April, Christina, & Co for my favorite kind of Friday post. And Andrea for Friday Favorites. Two is better than one :)

One | Friday Treat Day
Just like every other Basic B, I do love me a PSL. But, it wouldn't be like me to not complicate things just a little bit. So, my actual preference is a 1/2PS1/2VL {in Starbucks language that's a one pump pumpkin spice, one pump vanilla latte. Way more delicious in my opinion and almost always gets an eye roll from the barista.} I have always dubbed Friday as Friday Treat Day. I love Friday Treat Day and look forward to it all week long. My favorite Friday Treat is always my Vanilla Latte from Starbucks {or 1/2PS1/2VL, or Eggnog Latte, or Peppermint Hot Chocolate depending on what time of year it is.}

Two | Rainy Football Sunday
According to the forecast it's supposed to rain this weekend. This is extremely exiting. I love Sunday mornings when we're still in bed and Nick proclaims it a chili day. Nothing is better than sitting around all day Sunday watching football in pajamas with chili in the crock pot.
This is what a typical football day looks like in our house. Sweats, candles, and our fun fall decorations.

Three | An Empty Calendar!
In the fall our calendar always empties out. We actually have several weekends in. a. row. at our own house, waking up in our own bed and I love it. We have fun in the summer time but I miss being home. Right now being home means spending way more time at Babies R Us, Hobby Lobby and Pottery Barn Kids than ever before in my entire life.
This is what November looks like. Okay so it doesn't look THAT empty but trust me. Compared to other months that you can't even see the lines between the days on my calendar, this is bare bones.

Four | Beach Trips
Okay, I know this sounds really weird. The thing is, where we live, the fall is the absolute most beautiful time to be at the beach. Every fall we try to take a trip out to Half Moon Bay which also happens to be pumpkin patch central. They have so many cute pumpkin patches to visit and fun things to do. This year we didn't get to do our pumpkin patch visit but we did have a wedding in Half Moon Bay back in September and it was such a perfect weekend. Next year we will have a 10 month old to take to the pumpkin patch at the beach and I cannot help but be so excited for that!
This was our trip just last weekend to Pismo Beach. A little bit different than our normal fall beach trip but just as wonderful. I swear there is a baby bump somewhere in there...

Five | Fall TV
I love our fall tv line up. We have been watching Sons of Anarchy & Parenthood {both in their final seasons. I can't even deal with that.} The Walking Dead {this is my love to dread show. I always want to know what's going on with them but I really hate zombie anything} and our new favorite How to Get Away With Murder. Viola Davis is amazing and stunning and I just love her.

Happy Friday!


  1. Rainy. football. Sunday. Those words all together make me sleepy. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE football! But in combination with those other words, it makes for the perfect nap!!! Thanks for the free relaxation, hah!

    1. Ha! It's so true! I usually do end up napping. I love football days, not necessarily the actual football. :)



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