Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bump Date | 28 Weeks

How Far Along? 28... whoa baby. slow down.

Size of Baby: According to my What to Expect app, he's 16 inches and weighs just around 2 1/2  pounds. I'm guessing he's actually a little bigger than that since he's measured just a little big bigger than average all along. 

Gender: All boy. By the way, I'm not going to include this on here anymore. We all know he's a boy.

Weight Gain: Another 3 pounds,  making it 10 pounds total since my first doctor's appointment in June.

Stretch Marks: Nope! I thought I saw one the other day when I woke up, but breathed a huge sigh of relief when I realized it was just a wrinkle imprint from my shirt. Thank goodness, hopefully they continue to stay away!

Maternity Clothes: Yes! Finally! After whining and complaining I am finally the proud owner of a very cute pair of Jessica Simpson maternity skinnies from Motherhood. I am so disgusted disappointed in the pathetic maternity section at Target. Somebody is really missing a market there. I also placed a big 'ol order with Pink Blush Maternity this week and stocked up on all kinds of fun stuff for the holidays.

Nursery: We officially own every piece of furniture that we will need for this room. We got his dresser/changing table, side table, rocker, and of course crib and everything is put together! Everything is set up and in place and I can't help but walk in there a few times a day and try to picture what it will be like when he's finally here. All I have left to do is some decorating!

Purchases: I finally have started buying clothes and I just bought his entire bedding set last week from The Land of Nod. Which, by the way is perfection.  I held off  on buying clothes for so long and did such a good job. I do have one rule though, only clearance items allowed. I know we are going to get so many clothes as gifts that I don't want to over do it. But, if I see something I can't resist and it's on clearance, you better believe I'm going to buy it. I went to a consignment sale on Saturday morning and came home with a ton of cute stuff. You can check out Consignment Mommies for all kinds of good info on upcoming sales in your area.

Movement: We are starting to have more rolls and big stretches but still lots of kicks and jabs. He's suuuuuper active at night and loves when his daddy talks to him.  I was sitting in a staff meeting last week and all of a sudden his little hiney {I think it was his hiney} just sort of bulged out of my right side. It was such a crazy feeling and looked pretty funny too. I think {hope} he is finally starting to turn and get himself into position. How crazy is that?!

Symptoms: Holy reflux. It really sucks. It's really getting worse and worse all the time. I got the go ahead from my doctor this week to start taking Zantac since even water is giving me heartburn. I really, really have tried to stay away from any and all medication but eating half a container of Tums every day is clearly not helping that cause.

Sleep: Sleeping so good! My nightly bathroom trips have increased to 3.  I don't think that's going to get any better any time soon so I'm trying really hard to train myself to fall back to sleep right away.

Cravings: Cheesecake!! And Mexican restaurant chips and salsa. That's all I ever really want to eat for lunch. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm solely responsible for keeping the organic milk and orange juice industries in business.

Food Aversions & Morning Sickness: Still throwing up about once every two weeks or so. It's like my body decides not to digest something, and then it just comes right back up. Feeling really good over all though, no nausea or anything like that.

What I'm Missing: Sleeping on my stomach. And back for that matter.

Best Moment of This Week: So many! Unrelated, but my mom is finally healthy again and was ready to go home. My sister and sweet baby niece flew down to pick her up to take her home. We miss her so much already. It was pretty special to be able to spend every day with her for the last two months but we are so happy that she is feeling better and ready to be back on her own. It was so much fun to have my sister and Nayeli here for a few days too. That smiley little baby girl is everything. Also unrelated, but our carpet & baseboards are finished and I'm finally feeling like I've got a handle on making real things happen in the nursery. Also, finally doing our hospital tour. It's pretty exciting to see where we are going to be when we meet this little guy and definitely made this all feel even more real!

Looking Forward to: Getting the nursery all finished. I've got a ways to go but I'm really excited to see it all come together. And, we've got our showers coming up in the next couple of weeks!

Funny{ish} Moment: So we were at Home Depot this last weekend and the checker was so sweet and asking all about the baby. She told me I looked fabulous, asked if this was our first, and asked if we knew the sex. As soon as I told her we were having a boy her whole tone changed. Her response? She goes.. Oh. Well, you really should have a girl. My response? Whaaaaaa? Really?

Memorable Moment: The dreaded glucose test. I posted a pic on insta of me on Friday thoroughly enjoying the glucose drink. Silly me. I thought that was going to be the worst part. The entire rest of the day I felt like I was going to puke and pass out. Luckily we were taking a road trip down to Pismo Beach and I was able to sleep in the car for a couple hours and I crashed. hard. I felt like I was hungover for the next two days and didn't feel completely back to normal until Monday. But, I passed and thank goodness! There is absolutely no way that I could have done the three hour. No way.

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