Monday, October 6, 2014

October Goals

Okay. So, somehow it's October and I had a small panic attack when I woke up this morning. It didn't help that someone on my Instagram posted that there are only 11 weeks until Christmas. That almost was enough to send me over the edge. I don't know how it's possible that we are so close to meeting little G man. I feel like we are still so completely and utterly unprepared. I actually had a dream the other night that he had already been born and we were in the hospital and we literally had no baby items with us or at home. Not even a pack of diapers. Clearly it's time to get our butts in gear.

September went by so fast and I honestly didn't do a good job at all of keeping up with the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the month. Let's review them shall we?

1. Schedule all work meetings through November. I actually did do this. I'm not looking forward to how many meetings I have in November but I piled them all on at the beginning of the month so I could just get everything over with as quickly as possible.

2. Find G's Crib. We did this one too! It's been sitting in our garage ever since but at least we have it and can get it put together and moved in in the next couple of weeks.

3. Get to Ikea for nursery furniture. Done! I'm always so excited to go spend the day wandering Ikea but as soon as it's over I'm so happy that won't have to go back there for a long, long time.

4. Make a weekly meal plan for 3 weeks of the month. I actually didn't even do a meal plan for one week of the month. Womp.

5. Replace the bedroom carpets. Scheduled for Monday! Finally! Our house is getting turned upside down this weekend.

6. Schedule fence replacement. Done! Our absolutely beautiful fence went in last week. It looks amazing and our backyard is like a fortress now.

7. Do prenatal yoga 3 times each week. So... this happened once.

I guess it actually wasn't that bad..   but I'm going to give myself some grace in October and set a few less goals... especially since these are among 43892 other things that have to happen at work. So, for October this is what I've got planned.

1. Set up nursery furniture. Piece by infuriating piece.

2. Freezer meal planning. Forget the food we need to eat now, I need to start collecting recipes to make in the weeks before the baby comes for crock pot meals that will be completely effortless after he's home.

3. Regular work outs. In whatever shape or form they may be.

4. Read a library book. I accidently reserved a  real book that I thought was going to be an audio book to listen to on my commute. I started reading it, and it's so good but I need to take the time to actually do it before they start charging me late fees. Anybody read Mr. Mercedes yet? I have really been loving the new books Stephen King has put out in the last few years.

5. Re-cover glider. Nick's mom gave us their old glider for the nursery. It is so ridiculously comfy but it really needs a new cover. I need to find some fabric that will match and get sewing!

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