Monday, January 5, 2015

Grayson's Nursery

Finally, FINALLY, we are completely done with the nursery! Just in time too, given that my due date is Saturday. Although I'm crossing my fingers that this little boy will be making his appearance before the weekend.


I got this sweet little sign from Etsy. I love it so much. It makes me want to cry every time I look at it.


Of course as soon as I found out that I was pregnant I turned immediately to Pinterest to start filtering through some of the photos that I had pinned on my {secret} nursery board to start narrowing down exactly what I envisioned for our first nursery. We couldn't really do anything until we knew for sure if we were having a girl or a boy so the actual purchase of anything had to wait until late August when we had our little gender reveal.

I hate buying large ticket items. Nothing makes me happier than getting a really, really good deal on something like a couch. Or in this case, a crib. I couldn't stomach the idea of spending $500-$700 on a crib. Let's face it too, I really hated everything new that I found under that price range too. I think they call that... champagne taste on a beer budget? Yep, that's me. {mmmm.... champagne... I can't wait for that to happen!} Anywhooo... I scoured Craigslist for months in search of the perfect crib and just when I was getting ready to give up, I found it! I love this crib, and I love that it's a convertible that can be turned in to a toddler bed, and eventually a double bed. Pure genius in my opinion. This crib would be $780 if purchased brand new and we bought it from a family whose daughter had slept in it twice for $120. Bingo. I did buy a new mattress. Because, gross.


The dresser/changing table and night stand we got from Ikea, and Nick's parents had the glider already. We just had to repaint and recover it, which meant, I sewed! With a real sewing machine! Yep. I did it. We got Nick a new dresser that matches mine {also from Ikea} for our bedroom and moved his old dresser into the nursery closet for extra storage.

I am absolutely in love with how this room turned out. I was a little nervous at first because it's the smallest room in the house and I wasn't sure how we were going to fit everything in but it worked out perfectly. I love it. We have spent a few evenings sitting in his room together talking about what it's going to be like when he's finally here. Only a few more days!

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  1. His room is adorable!! I love how it turned out.. You did a great job :) The sign from etsy is so sweet!!!!
    Chelsea @



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