Monday, February 25, 2013

Meet the M's


This blog marks the beginning of our {documented} story, although our actual story has already begun. I’ve been reading some of my favorite blogs for a couple of years now and always thought I would eventually start my own to chronicle the story of our family as we change and grow. I love the idea that at some point in the future, our family will be able to use look back at how it all came to be.

Meet the Mrs.

That's me. I’m a new wife and young professional just getting my bearings in the rat race. I’m a sucker for a good book, a lazy weekend, a cute shellac mani/pedi and anything my husband cooks, especially if it comes with a glass {or 3} of wine.

Meet the Mr.

My husband is a ridiculously handsome, retired frat boy with a heart of gold. He is the sweetest, hardest working man I know and has some big dreams of his own. He loves boring me with History Channel shows, a Jamison on the rocks after a long week of work, the Oakland A's, and his cute wife.


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