Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life Lately - A photo dump

Our schedule is packed. Want to hang out? We're booked until mid June.
Our weekends are full of all kinds of wonderful fun but sometimes it feels like we are ever at home.
Waking up in my own bed on a Saturday morning? Heaven.
 As per usual we were nonstop busy and this month. Here's a photo dump and a recap to wrap up April.
We started the month with my sister-in-love's birthday celebration. She missed the photo op.

Each April our group of friends celebrates the opening of baseball season with a season home opener tail gate at the coliseum. I look forward to this day allllllll winter.

My husband is the cutest barbequer there is.  
We spent the first real warm weekend with the family in Napa. We spent Saturday tasting at 3 wineries. One of them an old favorite and two we had never been to before.
 Mr. Hubs and I joined our first two wine clubs and are now impatiently awaiting our first shipments in the fall.

We started last weekend with Rodney Atkins & Lady Antebellum at Shoreline. We toasted to George Jones and I got a lump in my throat with Lady A sang to a fellow pregnant mama in the front row.

One of my long time friends from home and her son came down to visit this last weekend. We spent Saturday in San Francisco. He's 5 and had never seen the city before. He was mesmerized and called all of the buildings "hotels". Cute.
It's so much fun to see things you've seen a thousand times for the first time through the eyes of someone else. Especially a child.

We took him to see the seals on the floating docks and to the aquarium at Fisherman's Wharf, and to the Rainforest Cafe. Amazing. He was on total sensory overload and couldn't even handle the idea of eating food with a giant moving elephant wagging it's huge head around right behind him. Although, when the waitress came to take our order he confidently said "oh and I'll have the fish please". I almost spit my Arnold Palmer all over his cute little face. There is no "the fish" on the kids menu.
He wasn't a fan of the guys on the street that paint themselves silver and stand still like statues and then all of a sudden bust out with robot moves. Because, silver robot men are scary. He hid behind Auntie when we passed by those guys.

Sunday Uncle Nick drove us all to the park in his sweet Camero. I've never seen a little boy so stoked about anything. Anything. He wasn't so big on the park and I'm pretty sure Uncle Nick had way more fun on the playground than he did.
He's just a big kid himself.

May is about to be a whirlwind.

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