Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrating Moms

This weekend we celebrate mamas. Our mamas, grandmas, mothers-in-love, mamas to be, all mamas.

My mom has SO much love for her kids. She poured that love into everything she has ever done for me and my sister. She goes out of her way everyday to make sure that we know how much we are loved. It takes 10 minutes to get off the phone with her when we are done talking just so that she can throw in one last I love you, I miss you.
My mom is a pretty spectacular lady. She is the kind of person that people don’t easily forget. She is strong, she is brave, and she is opinionated and she’s not afraid to let you know that. She still lives in the small mountain community that I grew up in and she might as well be the mayor. She knows everybody. She is featured in the news paper at least once a month because of something she has done with her work. She is a librarian, and she loves that too. She is passionate about what she does and it shows.

She has battled, and beaten breast cancer and then climbed a mountain just to prove she was better for it. She has traveled the world, and lived and worked on a farm in Israel. She has experienced heartache and pain that she didn’t deserve. She taught me how to read and to love books, she taught me that scrambled eggs with lots of cheese are the only edible eggs. She sat with me at bedtime and talked to me about things I was scared of. She is the first person I call when I am sick or nervous. She is the reason why the smell of earl grey tea and lavender face cream will always remind me of home.

My relationship with my mom has not always been easy. We have been through a lot together, I have said things that I knew would hurt her, on purpose. She is the only person that I have ever really screamed at and that is not something that I am proud of.

My sister says that my mom and I can’t always understand each other because we are exactly alike. And you know? She might be right. If I could show the people around me as much love as my mom has shown me, then the greatest blessing in the world would be to be like her.

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