Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Surprise Visit & Thanksgiving 1 of 2

Several weeks ago I got a text from my Brother in Law asking if we were going to be around on the weekend of the 9th. He said he was planning a surprise Birthday trip for my sister and that they would be flying in from Boise on Friday afternoon. I was SO excited and starting flooding him with text messages. Seriously blowing up his phone for like, 3 days asking questions and telling him about plans I was wanting to make. I think I got one response for every 20 texts. Poor guy.

He had invited my momma too and the first thing I thought of was an early Thanksgiving. Our family is so spread out and we rarely get to spend a Holiday all together. It's usually just us and my Mom or us and my Dad and his wife.  This year we won't have either of my parents with us for Thanksgiving, and my Sister and Brother in Law will be in Maine with his family. So, Thanksgiving on the 10th was the perfect solution to this never ending problem.

I picked them up at the airport on Friday afternoon and we sat in traffic for what felt like an eternity. Nothing like a car fire on the bridge to turn the rush hour crawl into a dead standstill. D & A live in a beautiful mountain town with not even one stop light. So, Bay Area {Friday} traffic was far from a warm way to welcome them. Sorry guys! Anywhooo, we finally got home, waited for the Momma to arrive and headed to Danville for sushi.

Saturday morning we made breakfast and got ready to head out to the city for the day. My sister's boyfriend Sean Hayes was performing at a small venue and we had all bought tickets for that night as part of her birthday surprise. We started with a delicious lunch at Pacific Catch right outside of Golden Gate Park and then walked through the park after lunch. There was a little art show going on by the fountains and it was such a beautiful day. After walking off some of our lunch calories we drove down to Ocean Beach where they were holding a sand sculpture contest. We got there long after the judging had ended but we still got to see the sculptures. The sand was freezing and the wind started to pick up and the fog was coming in so we left to go find a happy hour.


Instead of happy hour we found a funky little hipster bar in the Mission District that offered some of the craziest cocktails I've ever seen. Like, the Ike Turner, a $9 shot of Hennessey served with a slap in the face. Classy.

We had some time left until the show started so we found a little pizza place, apparently the most popular pizza place on the planet where we waited almost an hour for a table. The pizza was amazing and totally worth the wait. Plus it was only a few doors down from the show so that made it extra sweet. We got to the show right after they opened the doors and had just the right amount of time to order another drink and find the Momma a place to sit down.

Okay.. so.. we've been to some pretty good concerts. This summer especially. We saw John Mayer not that long ago and that was amazing. I love John. But, this show was maybe the best. I now know why my sister made Sean Hayes her honorary boyfriend and we had such a good time. I also discovered my new favorite artist. Ever heard of Jillette Johnson? Probably not but seriously, Google her, listen to some songs. She's like, what you would get if Nora Jones, Lady GaGa & Amy Winehouse had a baby. Her voice is amazing, I've heard some people say they want to eat her voice with ice cream. I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean exactly, but she's good and she's gorge. She was recently on Rachel Ray's talk show, so I know I can't be the only one with this new obsession.

Sunday we woke up, a little, let's say... dehydrated. But, we had a Thanksgiving to cook and cook we did. Nick made his first turkey and did a fantastic job. We invited his parents over so the whole family could enjoy and spend some time together. We made way too much food for 8 people and now we can't even open our fridge for all the leftovers. I'm pretty sure we will be eating left overs until the real Thanksgiving. I'm not complaining though, I love leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches more than Thanksgiving dinner.

D & A had a flight out at 6:50 which meant we had to get up at 4:45 to get them to the airport in time. Turkey hangover and a 4:45 alarm did not treat me well and I ended up taking the day off yesterday and hating life on the couch while catching up on every single show. You name it, if it's on Bravo, E!, or TLC I watched it yesterday. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

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