Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend in the Mountains

Last year Nick and I started a new tradition of escaping to the cabin for a pre-holidays weekend, just the two of us. So, in the spirit of our new tradition we packed up Friday and tried to beat traffic getting out of the bay area. This year will be our last with just the two of us but we will absolutely keep up this tradition with our little family in the years to come.
After a quick 3 hour drive we picked up Chinese take out and parked ourselves on the couch to watch Christmas movies for the next 36 hours. We may or may not have fallen asleep a movie or two in but it was just so warm and snuggly in front of the fire.

We weren't the only ones snuggly and sleepy in front of the fire. Cubby pretty much didn't move the entire weekend either.

We woke up to the pouring rain Saturday morning. I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and we watched another Christmas movie. We thought the rain was tapering off so we eventually ventured out to walk the dogs but ended up having to make a run for it back to the house after it started raining again.

I pretty much didn't move from my spot on the couch the entire rest of the day and Nick cooked an amazing dinner; braised beef and mushroom risotto. Bless him. Somehow 5 hours passed while we were eating dinner. We got to reminiscing about when we first met {8 years ago!} and talking about how much life is about to change with this little boy on the way, and all of a sudden it was midnight.

Sunday we {and by we, I mean I} slept in again. Nick stacked wood. I cooked breakfast and then we packed up to get home. We stopped at the apple stand on the way and picked up a jug of apple cider and a half dozen of apple cider doughnuts... because the baby couldn't resist.

We made it home in time to catch the end of the 49er game and get ready for the week. We did some grocery list prepping so that I can go shopping before the masses take over the store after Tuesday night. I vowed to stay faaar away from the store in the days leading up to Thanksgiving after last year.

Cheers to a very short week this week! And... exactly one month until maternity leave starts!


  1. What a fun tradition!!! I wish we would have done more little trips before out little one came along.. Our trips are just different now but would not change it for the world!! Loooks like so much fun!!!

    1. It is fun to have some alone time, but I am really excited about having our little ones with us on future trips. Even though it won't be even half as relaxing as it is now. I am looking forward to it so much!



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