Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meet the Furry M's

Until we make ourselves some human children these two cuties will have to suffice. The hubs and I are the proud parents to two fluffy, hypoallergenic, half poodles.

Meet Cubby

Cubby was an only child dog up until just about a month ago. Nick got Cubby in college and somehow managed to raise a perfectly polite Shih-TzuPoo, Shih-Poo, Shih-Doodle {you take your pick} while living in an apartment with a bunch of his friends. No easy feat as far as I’m concerned. Cubby’s hobbies include cuddling on the couch, eating his toys {I literally mean eating, not chewing. He swallows the suckers whole} and jumping up on the counter or table to eat your food as soon as you look away. I’m pretty sure that there is a grown man trapped in our little guy’s body. He’s got a pretty good life though, so grown man or not, he’s not complaining.

Meet Teddy

Teddy {or TeddyNo! if you ask him} joined our family just one short month ago and turned poor Cubby’s world upside down. Teddy is a mini Goldendoodle from the Wine Country. He is the softest, sweetest, and cutest baby that you’ve ever laid eyes on. Until he wakes up, that is. We are discovering that cuteness is indeed a built-in self defense mechanism. Because, how can you possibly get mad at that face? Teddy’s hobbies include biting anything he can with his sharp puppy teeth, stealing and hoarding all of Cubby’s toys, and peeing on the carpet immediately after coming in from outside.

These two little boys fill our lives with so much love and although they both can get the blood boiling, we wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so happy that our real kids will get to grow up with these two dogs.
Clearly Comfy..

Toy Hoarding

First Road Trip!

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  1. Found your blog from Kelly's Korner and I know exactly how you feel about the pup :) We just adopted a black lab/australian shepherd mix (Ruthie) 2 weeks ago and she's a complete spaz! She plays hard and sleeps hard. Down by 8pm each night and wide awake at 6am! Doesn't matter if we wake her up to potty she's still up and at-em! Love her to pieces. She's finally potty trained and I just weened her off the lunch time outings this week. I think it was harder on me than her :) She's also flipped our quiet, only child Pete's (black lab/german shepherd) life upside down.
    Good luck!



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