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Bump Date | 37 Weeks

Okay so I started this post at 33 weeks and couldn't motivate myself to clean the dang chalkboard sign and do another one.. that stupid chalkboard. If we make it to 40 weeks, that will be my last one.

How Far Along? 37..  Blow my mind.. we are officially full term!

What's Going on? Well, according to my app baby he's 6.5 pounds and the size of a winter melon? I've never heard of a winter melon.. ever.   On Monday though, our doctor told us that I'm measuring at 34 weeks, so he's a little smaller than average. Which is completely normal considering neither Nick or myself are very big.
He's breach at the moment and doesn't seem to have any intention of turning. We have an appointment on Monday to take a peek at him and make sure there's nothing that's "keeping" him in that position. Assuming he's just being stubborn, we will be going into the hospital early Tuesday morning for an ECV procedure to turn him. We are praying that he cooperates and turns.... and then stays that way until he's ready to make his arrival!

Weight Gain: 16 pounds from my weight at my 8 week appointment.

Stretch Marks: No, still not a one!

Maternity Clothes: Yep mostly. I'm down to about three pairs of pants that I can wear in public, maternity leggings, my maternity skinnies, and a really comfy pair of Candies work pants that seem to be made of magic. They fit me perfectly pre-preggy and fit me perfectly now. I'm mostly in maternity shirts except for a few that are still working.

Nursery: Done! Everything came together so beautifully, it seriously takes my breath away every time I walk in there... which I do several times a day just to peek at it and soak it all in. Everything is organized, hung, painted, and has been assigned it's place. I am so, so in love with his room.

Purchases: We bought the crib mattress right after the baby shower and then I went just a little bit crazy on Black Friday buying clothes. We now have a fully stocked closet!

Movement: Yep he's a pretty wiggly guy. He's starting to shift around more slowly since he's probably starting to run out of room. He moves his head back and forth right along the bottom of my ribs and likes to jab his elbows up in there too which is definitely not the most comfortable sensation. I'm really really going to miss feeling him from the inside. Lately every time I feel him I get a little pang of sadness knowing that this pregnancy is almost over.

Symptoms: Same old heartburn and reflux. If the old wives tales are true, I'm not growing a baby... I'm growing a small gorilla. I had some acupuncture done last that was supposed to help relieve some of the heartburn and reflux and I think it actually worked. I've been able to cut my Zantac intake in half.
Also, let's talk about the swollen elephant legs I've grown out of thin air. Normally, my feet are skinny, boney, funky little feet. They are definitely not the body part I'm most proud of. Those boney little piggies have turned into hogs. My feet are pretty much overflowing out of my shoes by the end of the day. Let's just say I'm looking forward to being allowed to live in slippers and Ugg boots starting next week.

Sleep: Doing okay.. I'm waking up almost every night wanting a snack though. Seriously, I'm up and munching on something in the kitchen in my jams around 2:30-3:00 on any given night. I've never done that ever before in my entire life. There is something pretty peaceful about it though. I guess my own midnight feedings are getting me ready for G's midnight feedings? I'm wide awake at night but it is sooo hard to wake up in the morning.

Cravings: milk. milk. milk. Give me all the milk. And apple juice. And apple sauce cups... and pudding cups... and jello cups, apple slices. Anything that you might find in an elementary schooler's lunch box. I want it.

Food Aversions & Morning Sickness: Still being really picky about meat, nothing has changed there. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I'm a vegetarian. I don't even know anymore.

What I'm Missing: Sleeping on my stomach.  Being able to snuggle my husband comfortably, being able to fit my feet into my shoes, being able to eat a granola bar without feeling like there is molten lava in my chest. Not feeling like a turtle stuck on it's back when I'm trying to get out of bed. I'm getting complainey but I feel like I've earned it.

Best Moment {since my last bumpdate}: My baby shower! Nick's mama and sister threw me the sweetest most perfect shower. I feel so lucky knowing how truly loved this little boy is already.

Looking Forward to: Maternity leave. Monday is my last day! I'm so ready to be at home, finish the last minute baby prep and then spend endless time snuggling our little boy.

Anything else? Well.. we had a little bit of a scare during week 31. I woke up with some bleeding, called the doctor, and was told to go immediately to Labor & Delivery. Completely hysterical, I called Nick who lucky didn't pick up on the first call. That gave me a minute to calm down, get dressed, and get in the car. I called him again and told him I was headed in and he left work to come meet me. I got checked into a room, gown on and everything and settled in just as Nick walked in the room. They hooked me up to some monitors and ran some tests. We ended up spending half of the day listening to G's heartbeat and waiting for test results. Luckily, everything was fine, the bleeding stopped and they sent us home.

It's happened again once since then but early on in week 35 and the doctor wasn't too concerned. I didn't have to go into the hospital this time. We are both starting to wonder if these are small signs that he might be joining us sooner than originally anticipated! {I secretly hope so!}

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