Monday, December 1, 2014


We had such a lovely, long, Thanksgiving weekend.  We got off a little early Wednesday, packed up the car and headed to the Napa house. I made my pumpkin pie and then we sat down with takeout pizza and put my feet up while everyone else did their prep cooking. This baby has turned my ankles into chubby little stumps lately!

Thanksgiving morning we woke up to the sounds of the coffee grinder and got back out into the kitchen to finish prepping dishes. This year I made the Pioneer Woman's cheesy green bean casserole {and will be for every year to come here on out. It was so good.} Then, it was parade time! I love watching the parade and watch it on TV every single year. I can't wait to snuggle up with my little boy next year and watch it with him for his first time!
My MIL couldn't wait to get the tree up and did a Thanksgiving tree this year.

The family arrived in the afternoon and after the first bottles of wine were opened and a few appetizers we started the annual guys vs. girls challenge. Usually it's some kind of scavenger hunt or relay race and it can get pretty competitive. This year each family member wrote a bit about what they're thankful for, what they want to accomplish in the next 3 years, wishes, goals, dreams, etc. on a scroll. The scrolls were placed in two separate wine bottles and buried at the end of the scavenger hunt. In three years we'll have some fun little time capsules to open on Thanksgiving!
I let everyone else worry about running back and forth and potato sack racing and made myself in charge of taking photos this year. The last thing anyone wants to see is this giant pregnant girl jumping around in a potato sack.

The guys, or Gobbles {their team name} won as usual. But as usual, I'm pretty sure they cheated.

The weather was gorgeous and we decided to set the table outside. 

The next day we woke up early and went to Target to spend way too much money. You will never, ever catch me in a store on Thanksgiving night, but bright and early Friday I'm all over Target, egg nog latte in hand. Except.. this year Target stores aren't carrying the egg nog. Really? Ever thought about going to the cold case barista boy?! That might have been the disappointment of the decade.
After Target and left over turkey sandwiches we headed up to Calistoga to get our Christmas Trees. Nick found the cutest little family run lot. They had a little gift shop, snacks and cider, and best of all, snow! Well soap snow at least but it was pretty fun to play in.

He's definitely the handsomest tree cutter I ever did see!

This baby bump is starting to take charge. I'm definitely starting to feel pretty round. The guy at the gift shop joked that I was trying to steal wreaths under my jacket.

The farm has this cute little bell that you're supposed to ring after you cut down your tree. It was fun to hear the bell ringing while we were hunting.
After tree cutting we went to Yountville, the little town we got married in, for their town lighting and Christmas parade. We ended up getting appetizers and some how missed the parade but it was fun to be in the cute little town as they lit it all up for Christmas. It started pouring rain and we went to dinner at an amazing little Italian restaurant. A local favorite that might be our new family favorite. After dinner we put on a Christmas movie and everyone conked out on the couch.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed home. Our friends have an annual Friendsgiving party and this year everyone had to dress as their favorite reality stars. Nick and I went as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and it was ridiculous. We didn't take any pictures and I'm so sad but our costumes were pretty spot on. Sunday morning we slept in and then decorated the tree and I finished up decorating the rest of the house. After some terrible football we headed over to Nick's parents for annual turkey soup and to help decorate their tree.

We put up Christmas so early this year that it really helped this weekend feel more relaxed. Nick has already had the lights up on the house for a week and that made it so much easier too.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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