Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Grayson Brooks | 3 Months

My baby is 3 month old! I don't know how that is possible since we literally just came home from the hospital like 5 minutes ago.

The last few weeks have been so fun! It's like someone just flipped a switch and all of a sudden he's SO aware and so into everything that we're doing. He likes to look at the dogs and stare at himself in the mirror.

He loves his jungle play mat and plays on it everyday. He kicks and squirms so much when he gets excited and loves to grab onto his Sophie giraffe and shake it. He's babbling like crazy and has been making us laugh so much. He's so strong and can hold himself up on his arms when he does tummy time.

He's the happiest in the morning right when we first wake up, and when he's on the changing table he's all smiles. He's super ticklish and curls up into a ball and squeals when he tickle him. He's trying to laugh but that's about all he's been able to get out so far.

He loves bath time and is so cute splashing in the water. I've been bathing him on the fishy sponge in the sink but he's growing so fast that he probably won't fit in there much longer. He loves going in the big bathtub with me too.

He's been taking a bottle of pumped breast milk when he stays with his nanny Miss Darlene or with his Auntie but doesn't really seem to like it much and fights it a little bit. Especially if it's me or his Daddy giving him the bottle. Otherwise he is eating so good and is gaining weight right on track and has new rolls on his chunky little thighs every day. We haven't had to introduce any formula and I hope that we won't ever have to. My supply has been doing great. I started to notice that I wasn't making quite as much as before so I made a batch of lactation cookies {which were delicious by the way} and they totally worked immediately.

We've been reading lots of books every day and he likes to look at the pictures but gets bored and starts yelling and squirming in the middle of the books. Such a boy.

He loves when I wear him especially when I'm doing stuff around the house and usually conks out after a while with his mouth wide open. He is such a good sleeper. I cannot believe how blessed we have been in this department. Last night... he slept for 12 hours. He wakes up once or twice in the night to nurse but since he's sleeping right there with me it's so easy to just feed him and fall back asleep. It hardly even feels like waking up. I'm so grateful for all of the sleep we have been getting!

We had a brave moment and decided to take Grayson to his first A's game for opening night. He actually did really good and made it through dinner in the restaurant, through batting practice and the opening ceremonies. He slept through almost everything in the Moby wrap until it was time to head out to our seats and pretty much on queue, he woke up and decided he didn't want to be there anymore. The people sitting around us were so sweet and kept telling us how awesome we were for getting him to his first game at 3 months old and told us not to worry about him crying. It was sweet but neither of us was comfortable with him crying and it was loud and starting to get cold so we decided to go home early. Second inning early. Regardless we both considered it a success but probably won't be trying it again for a while.

We are loving life with our boy so much. Everything is better now that he is here. Better than I could have ever imagined.

We love you to the moon and back sweet boy. Thank you for choosing us.

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