Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grayson's First Easter

We had a really low key Easter this year. It was so nice to just have a quiet day and relax. We went to 11:00 mass and then went home for appetizers and to cook dinner. We stopped by to see our friends and Grayson's sweet Godparents later in the afternoon and then spent the rest of the day in our comfy clothes.

The Easter Bunny(ies) spoiled Grayson big time this year. He got a basket from his Gram, from his Auntie Caitlin and from the real bunny himself!  Of course he didn't have any idea what to do with his baskets but he was pretty excited to show off his cute bunny ears.

The Easter Bunny brought him a cloth swim diaper, some sunnies, sunscreen, a monkey rattle, some bubbles, a teething ring, and most importantly, some candy for mama!

This was definitely a special Easter, it being Grayson's first and all but for me it held an even more precious meaning this year. Last year at Easter we were well past a year of trying to get pregnant, we had met with doctors and done fertility testing and found that it was unlikely that I would be able to get pregnant without intervention. I will never forget sitting in church on Easter Sunday last year and having a silent conversation with God. Asking why not us? Why not now? Asking impatiently, when? It seemed so far out of reach that we would have our baby by the very next Easter! This year I sat in church for about 10 minutes before Grayson started to fuss and we headed out to the lobby to stand with the rest of the babies and mamas. We stood and rocked and eventually he fell asleep and I couldn't help but feel like the most fortunate person in the world. We are truly blessed this year.

The dogs even got into the spirit! Clearly they weren't as amused as me but how cute are they?

Happy Easter, bunnies! 

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