Monday, October 31, 2016

Catching Up - The Move and Settling In

It has been an absolutely crazy three weeks since we started our move. The house in in contract and we are scheduled to close escrow in two weeks. We are so thankful that this has been such a smooth process! We have a ton to do before we can shut that door for the very last time. I left my job {can I get a THANK YOU sweet baby Jesus!} and I have been able to devote most of my time to taking trips back and forth between Napa and San Ramon to pack and I've been playing a giant game of tetris with our two storage units. We have one last big weekend of packing and we will be done and out!

Grayson has settled in nicely to his new school. He had a little bit of a tough time at first and cried a lot for the first few weeks when I would drop him off. He's connected with his teachers and likes his new friends, and even has a sweet little girl crush. This morning when I was smothering him with a million kisses after I dressed him, he said "No Emma! No Emma, no kisses!" uhhh... insert wide eyed emoji here. Apparently Emma has been kissing him. Heaven help us.

This is Gray's new "smile" ha! 
He was also having a super tough time sleeping. Gray has always been such a strong sleeper and even as a newborn we never really had those new parent sleepless night stories to tell.. until now. He is very much a creature of habit and this move has thrown his routine into a tailspin and he is just having such a hard time adapting. We finally brought his crib from the old house and things are starting to get better. He absolutely refused to sleep in the Pack & Play that we originally had him set up in. He watched me put it together in his room and was jumping up and down to climb in. As soon as it was all set up he jumped in and lied down and pulled his covers up.  He kept saying "my night night!" Sweet baby.

We've been settling into our new hometown and are so in love with Napa. We had our first free weekend last weekend and were able to spend some good quality time together with no real obligations. We went to the farmers market Saturday morning and got all of the fixings for the most delicious freshest burgers. Sunday we woke up early and drove up to Yountville to go to the park and then stopped at the St. Helena Fire Department for their open house. Gray got to see the fire fighters and all of their trucks. While he napped we continued the drive up valley to Calistoga and stopped for lunch at a sweet little deli with a giant train table where G played. We don't do restaurants and this point and we were both so happy to have a meal out where we were actually able to sit and eat and talk.
Grayson loved playing with the chalk at the farmers market! 
We spent the rest of the weekend sitting and snacking on the deck, exploring the property and playing with the bunnies and chickens. 

We were originally hopeful that we would find a house before the holidays. We said for months prior to the move that if we were sleeping in an air mattress with boxes all around us and eating off of paper plates on Christmas that we would endlessly grateful. It is sinking in that it's just not going to happen for us and we are looking at waiting until January. There is just nothing on the market in our price range that we have been interested in.

We are so lucky to have a beautiful place to call home for the meantime. I've said it before but I'll say it again... Nick's parents are saints for letting us take over their weekend house and throw off their own routine and quite space with smudgy finger prints on the windows and toddler toys strewn everywhere. We've loved being able to spend weekends with them!

 This view out of the kitchen window isn't so bad either.

Happy Halloween! We are hoping that the rain stays away for the trick or treat tonight! 

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