Monday, October 10, 2016

Pumpkin Patching

One of my favorite things about this time of year is going to the pumpkin patch. I have such good memories as a kid of going every year and picking a pumpkin, playing in the hay maze, buying fresh apple cider, and of course taking pictures on the pumpkins. :) 

Grayson's grams has a little pumpkin patch in her garden and so he got to practice picking pumpkins last weekend. I picked up some fun Halloween books and we have been talking about pumpkins and kitties and bats for weeks. We told him we were going to go to the pumpkin patch on Sunday morning when he woke up and he was so excited! 

Our pumpkin patch has a fun little hay maze and Gray loved it and almost walked the whole thing by himself. When he gets tired he says "mama hug" "hug mama hug!" He is such a little stinker. How can you turn down such a sweet plea for a hug? Even if you know he just doesn't want to walk anymore... 

One of G's favorite things in the entire world right now are tractors. He is obsessed with any kind of construction equipment and we are always watching diggers and tractors and dump trucks on you tube and reading every book we can find about tractors. He was so excited to see all of the old tractors at the pumpkin patch.

When it was finally time to pick his pumpkin, Gray was kind of over the whole thing. It was starting to get hot and he just wanted to go down the slide some more and he kept saying "pukin no!" but we picked him one anyway.

On the way out we stopped by the baby animals and fed the goats some hay which G thought was hilarious and then decided that he didn't want to leave, parked himself right outside of the cage and watched for a while.

After the pumpkin patch we drove around for a couple hours while G napped to check out some neighborhoods and drive by some houses we might be interested in seeing. This whole house hunting thing is pretty fun, but we are so ready to find our new home. In the meantime, I can't think of a better place to get to drive around on a Sunday morning. Every minute that we are here I am thankful for this life and this new chapter we are starting!



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