Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Sister's Not-Shower

*I'm still under construction as far as I can tell but slowly getting closer!*
My big sister is getting married in just two weeks! My mom and I had to do some convincing to get her to let us throw her a bridal shower but she finally agreed with a few conditions. She was adamant that she didn't want it to be called a "shower" and didn't want to do games or open presents in front of everyone.
 I wanted to make sure that her not-shower was very her.  I wanted to keep it all very simple but pretty and fun at the same time.
I did some Pinteresting of course and found some good ideas that I was able to use pretty easily.
I did the invites first which were inspired by an Etsy find. I got the supplies at Michael's and borrowed a type writer from my MIL. The type writing was the best part of the project. I poured myself a glass of wine,  pretended I was Angela Landsbury and typed away!
Here is the Pinterest invite
Check out this Etsy shop she has some really cute stuff!
Here is my finished invite. Turned out pretty good, ya think? I added an extra lace embellishment on the back fold of the envelope just for extra fun.
I wanted to stick with the lace theme and used a lace table cloth that Nick's grandma had given me for my bridal shower and used some other fun stuff my mom had for table decorations.
My mom was in charge of the food and she found an awesome guy that does natural foods catering out of his house. He cooked up some awesome stuff, including some G-free almond cookies that everyone loved.
I used mason jars for vases and put together small arrangements with different kinds of random pretty little flowers.
My mom knows a lady that makes these cute little goat milk soaps that we used as favors. Fitting, as the wedding will be on a goat ranch.

I made a sparkling ginger lemonade and a red wine sangria and served them in my big glass drink dispensers. I originally bought the drink jugs to use for our wedding and when I bought them I knew that they would used for all kinds of parties, showers, and events in the future. I love them.
We drank out of 1 pint mason jars that I think are just so cute.
I am so excited to watch my sister get married and I can't wait to see the place they call home.

The next day my mom, sister, and I went on a small hike to the McCloud falls. This time of year the falls are especially beautiful because of the large amount of snow melt filling the rivers.

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  1. I love it! Those are so cute with the lace doilies ;) and the food looks scrumptious!



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