Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Sister's Wedding

We are fresh back home from a wonderful trip to Oregon to celebrate the wedding of my sister and new brother-in-love. It was, quite possibly one of the most beautiful and sweetest weddings I've ever seen.

They live in the North Eastern corner of Oregon in a little town called Joseph, that is absolutely gorgeous. So far up actually that the closest major airport was Boise Idaho. We flew in Thursday morning and even got to see Mt. Shasta from the air.

It took us about 4 hours to drive in from Boise but the drive was beautiful. And? the best part? We were on the real Oregon trail! My history nerd of a husband was so excited. More on that later.



The weather was gray and wet for most of the trip. We did the rehearsal in the pouring rain, while being attacked by baby goats. The wedding was at a barn on an actual goat ranch so that should have been expected.


Poor little Felix. The goats kept stealing his little baby shoes! We'd hear him scream, turn around and see a goat running away with his shoe.
Saturday morning, we woke up to beautiful, blue clear skies and the temperature actually soared above 65 degrees! Just in time for the wedding, the clouds lifted away from the mountains and the sun came out. It was seriously beautiful.





The wedding actually fell on Nick's birthday. He loves pie and was in absolute pie heaven. The band even played Happy Birthday for him. So sweet! 

The next morning we had to pack up and make our way back home. We stopped at the Oregon Trail museum. Those are some real wagon ruts & an original wagon  in the photo below.

It was so nice to finally get to see where my sister and her fiancé husband have been living. It was absolutely beautiful and we can't wait to make another trip up there.
Now, back to work.
Frowny face.  

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  1. Wow! That is so beautiful! I would have been nerding out too :)



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