Monday, June 17, 2013

A Girl's Dad

I am almost certain that I am my dad's number 1 fan. Of all time.
 I just think he is the sweetest, most loving, wonderful man there is.
I could probably pretty safely say that he is my number one fan too.
I ski raced competitively for the better part of my life {age 6 to 18}. He never once missed a ski race. He was always there cheering me on. Waiting with me at the top of the course until I was up, and then he would ski along the side of the course down through the trees to meet me at the bottom. Knowing that he was there even though I couldn't see him always made me push just a little harder. I always knew he would be there if I fell. Which I did once in a while. {By the way, I don't recommend it. Taking a fall at full speed onto sheet ice is a doozy.}
In the spring, summer, and fall to keep in shape, and train for the ski season I played club soccer. He never missed a game. Not one. He was there, watching in his chair when it poured rain and in the sweltering summer heat. Never complained and never wasn't there. He drove car loads of obnoxious teen girls all over the state to soccer games. He hauled our bags around, iced knees, and made runs to Burger King. He's a girl dad through and through.
My dad is not your typical sports guy, dad. I don't think he's ever sat down to watch an NFL game in his entire life. But that didn't stop him from attending every single football game when my sister was in high school to watch her cheer.
The last time I was home to visit my mom I was going through her old photo albums and found this photo of my dad and my sister. I am absolutely in love with this photo. I think it so accurately captures exactly what being a dad is all about. The look on my sisters little baby face says it all.
We have the best dad.
My dad is a no frills, simple kind of guy. Give him a book, a glass of wine, and a deck chair and he's happy as can be. So, when Nick and I got engaged one of the first thoughts that went through my mind was.. oh god, what is my dad going to wear? As far as I know he had never worn a tux. I was so nervous to ask him to wear one that I put it off for months.
Finally, when we were getting close to the do or die deadline for ordering the tuxes, I had no choice but to tell him. He happily agreed and I sighed a huge sigh of relief. {Not only did he agree but he told me that he would wear a giant rainbow afro if that's what would make me happy.}
Wedding day came and my dad showed up in his crisp black tux and tie.... and wait for it...
 flip flops. I loved it.
Thank you dad for being you. I couldn't ask for a better dad and I couldn't love you more.

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