Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bump Date | 12 Weeks

How Far Along? 12 weeks 6 days {I'm a little late with this one...}
Size of Baby: A plum. Weighing in at half an ounce!
Gender: Who knows? Nick swears he saw a teeny little peeny on the monitor at our ultrasound this week. Maybe... but maybe it was a foot. Who knows. We officially find out August 30th. Gender reveal is on the calendar!
Weight Gain: Down a total of 10 pounds as of Monday. Definitely feeling ready to start putting some weight back on.

Stretch Marks:  No way... but a little bump has shown itself! I've starting using my Bio Oil again and received the cutest gift from a client today full of all kinds of mama to be body products that I can't wait to use.
Maternity Clothes: I finally bought some maternity leggings and a sleeper bra off of Zulily. I can't wait for them to come!
Nursery: Nope. No major movement is going to be made in this department until we know who this little babe is going to be.

Purchases: Just my Zulily stuff. I also picked up a super cute book to add to baby's collection when I was in New Orleans this last weekend. I cannot wait for bedtime stories.
Movement:  Nothing that I can feel yet. The ultrasound tech kept commenting on how much energy the baby has earlier this week. Must be why I have none?  It was so amazing to see the baby squirming and dancing around like crazy in there.
Symptoms: Still sick as a dog and feeling pretty dizzy. I'm incredibly tired this week. I almost fell asleep on the table waiting for the doctor to come into my 12 week appointment. Woops!
Sleep: Still waking up around 3:30 to potty and scroll through my phone for a little bit but definitely better thanks to my Snoogle pillow. I just can't say enough good things about it. {I was away over the weekend for a bachelorette party and Nick admitted to sleeping with it. How stinking cute is that?}
Cravings: Cold things. Ice cream, popsicles and smoothies. 

Food Aversions & Morning Sickness: Still puking in the morning.. usually only if I don't eat quickly enough but certain days (like today) I lost it in the middle of eating a bagel. That might have been the worst experience yet. I don't recommend it.
What I Miss: Enjoying food. I'm starting to feel like this is not going to change anytime soon.
Best Moment of This Week: Celebrating my sweet friend Brooke's bachelorette party in New Orleans! I was a little nervous going into the trip, having heard about all of the bad smells and things but I had such an amazing time! Also, seeing our sweet baby again on Monday. So much has changed in 4 short weeks. The baby has a real face now! I could stare at these photos forever.
Looking Forward To: Relaxing and catching up on some sleep over the holiday weekend. I'm excited to finally have our anatomy scan on the calendar so I can start planning our gender reveal too! I cannot wait to find out who this little baby is going to be.

Workout: No.. I'm really trying not to do much right now. I'm losing weight like crazy and don't want to burn more calories than necessary. I do want to start some strength training though soon so I can be ready and strong for delivery but I'm definitely taking it slow.

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