Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lessons in Pregnancy | First Trimester

 - Whatever you do.. DO NOT Google or read pregnancy forums for any reason. Every end result is catastrophic and that is just not good for the emotions of this 1st time preggers.
- I have no self control and I'm a terrible secret keeper. I cracked the morning after we found out and immediately FaceTimed my mom and sister and told them without Nick. Thankfully he knows me too well and knew I wouldn't be able to hold out and wait for him to be there.

- Being pregnant is a good excuse for anything. All of a sudden we have plans to redo the floors in the house a year sooner than we had originally planned. I also decided that I needed new throw pillows for our bedroom and went on a photo hanging spree. Buffalo wings with my salad at lunch? Yep.

- Food that belongs to other people is gross. Actually... food in general is gross.

- You can pretty easily fake drinking around friends that don't know you're knocked up. Let me tell you a little story. My friends like to get together for the occasional "book club". No books are involved, but wine and appetizers are. Quite the predicament when you are known to enjoy more than your fair share of wine. I was fully aware I couldn't just pass on a glass without getting a few questions. My solution? Buy a bottle of real wine with a screw top, then buy a bottle of alcohol free wine. Pour out the real wine and pour the pretend wine into it's empty bottle. {The screw top makes it not so obvious that the bottle has already been opened.} Pour a good sized glass that won't need to be refilled, and sit back and laugh to yourself while all of the non-pregos happily and unknowingly drinking alcohol free wine!

- Conversations between pregnant sisters are pretty hilarious.

- I have had to do some pretty serious forward planning in terms of snacks. Pretty much everywhere I go these days I have a bag full of snacks with me. The problem with this is that everybody else is constantly eating my snacks! Back off the pregnant snacks people.

- There is nothing more annoying than being dead tired all day long and then getting to bed and not being able to sleep through the night. It's a vicious cycle.

- Going to baseball games when you can't stand the smell of food is never a good idea.

- Not going into every baby store takes major will power. I just want to buy all the things! I haven't, but I want to.

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  1. I have learned never go use google for ANYTHING symptom related haha!!!



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