Monday, September 22, 2014

Cotton Anniversary - 2 Years!

We are celebrating 2 wonderful years of marriage today! How are we celebrating? We'll... I'm home sick, we were both up all night with a sick Cubby dog, and it's Monday. So, there's that.
We have an appointment today to hear the baby's heartbeat with a quick dinner date afterwards and that absolutely makes this a happy day.

We really spoiled ourselves last year with our trip to Napa and we decided to keep this year's anniversary trip low key in the interest of saving money, especially with all of the nursery furniture we have to buy in the next few weeks. We made use of our A's season tickets on Friday night and went out to a fireworks game. It was Star Wars night and Nick was stoked.


Pretty much we just spent the entire weekend eating.

Saturday morning we woke up early, stopped for coffee and bagels and headed to Tahoe for the  night. There is a really bad forest fire burning in the Tahoe area right now and it was incredibly smoky the entire drive, and worse once we actually got there.

SO much smoke.

We arrived right around lunch time and found a cute little pub downtown to eat at for lunch. We checked into the hotel and rested for a few hours and then went out for dinner. Such a delicious dinner. It was so smoky that night that smoke was actually coming through the vents into the restaurant and you could see the haze hanging around the lighting.

Sunday morning was glorious. We slept in, had bagels and coffee in bed, dozed, and watched the first football game of the day. After we checked out of the hotel we went to eat, eat, eat some more. This time, brunch at a place that was featured on the Food Network, and then drove out to the lake to take our 2 year photo.

We were pretty ready to get out of the terrible smoke and headed back home. I'm pretty sure my terrible sore throat could be a result of breathing in all of that yucky air. So, I'm on the couch today with a big cup of tea and honey.



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